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Sook Stainable was founded in 2021 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. The pandemic was an opportunity to make me think, I started to question "eternity", I wanted to find something I was passionate about, something I could insist on, a love that wouldn't disappear because of changes in time and space. Thus, Sook Stainable was born. The initial idea was simple, I just wanted to express my love of life and my exploration for "timeless beauty" through everyday objects. Let everyday things take on a new lustre.

Aware of the amount of fashionable waste that is left behind every year and the amount of plastic products that burden the environment and pose a risk to human and animal life and health, we launched SOOK's first collection with certified sustainable plant-based leather bags. We use USDA certified apple skin leather, and GOTS certified cactus skin leather as our bag materials. They are slightly lighter weighted and has a similar grain and premium texture as real leather.

In order to have more design possibilities, later on we also added a genuine leather collection.Β Genuine leather has a special texture and characteristics that other materials can't be compared, due to its durable and long-lasting nature which is also an important part of sustainable fashion.Β However, the skin used to make leather comes from animals raised for their meat. In that sense, it uses a byproduct from another industry, so it doesn't actually need additional land and resources.Β We think it's a great way to recycle and reduce the waste.

We believe that "sustainability" can come from different perspectives, and in addition to the selection of materials, handmade products are also an important part of Sook Stainable.Β 


Β  We Care About Our Planet Just Like You

Different designs need different materials to support them and we are always exploring more possibilities and trying to strike a balance between sustainability and creativity.

Since we began experimenting on various plant-based bioleather in 2022, we've spent a lot of time and effort getting to know the unique feel of each type of vegan leather. Just as painting requires getting to know the properties of different pigments, making clothes requires touching different fabrics with your own hands.Β We need to know enough about the materials to be able to better match the different designs.

Plant-based leather is made from natural raw materials such as wood, cereals, corn, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike fossil-derived synthetic leather (plastic leather), plant-based leather doesn’t involve any plastic components for its production. Certified sustainable vegan leather has less impact on human health, environment, climate change, global warming than a traditional product coming from petroleum.

Plastic-free packaging is absolutely important to us, and all our products are packaged in paper or compostable bags.

Be free to enjoy luxury without feeling guilty!

This is not the end, we are and will always be on the journey trying to strike a balance between sustainability and ideas. This is our mission, this is Sook Stainable. We are with you together to make a better world.

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